Glory is the high esteem accorded to a person or thing by a group of people. It is also the quality of the person or thing that results in people holding it in high esteem. In order for there to be glory, there must be something that is not glorious. Otherwise, the glorious thing would appear normal.

We are presented with the glory of God's grace. What do we compare it to? How can we ascertain that God's grace is indeed worthy of glory?

I am not afraid of looking at this worthiness. I don't believe that my determination of worthiness will be the final say on the matter. And I think that any time there is a statement that God is worthy or that he has glory, it is backed up by a certain judgment. This judgment was made by the person declaring God's worthiness or his glory.

To say that we should determine God's glory or worth based on the single fact that "he is God, therefore he is worthy", leaves something to be desired. To hold someone's attributes in high esteem, simply because of a position of authority or preeminence is to say that we don't really know what it is about that attribute that makes him worthy or that is glorious. If we approached everything like that, then we might find ourselves praising the truthfulness of a liar simply because he holds the office of judge or mayor. We could sing his praises and glorify his name simply because he is the judge, therefore he is honest and should be honored even though we know of nothing that he has been truthful about.

So, if we want to truly honor or glorify God, we need to know what it is about him that is glorious. What is it about God's grace that is glorious? Is it because he gives us things we don't deserve? Is that not like the children singing the praises of the father, "Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake?"

I think that some may think that the comparison is how God does not punish us if we are under grace and he does when we are under law. But that isn't really it either. That's the same as reporting that my friend knows how to give good gifts because he didn't hit me with anything instead of hitting me on the side of the head with a bat.

In order to really answer this, we need to look at what grace is. What was Paul talking about when he said, "In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will -- to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves?"

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