A friend of mine and I were always in complete agreement on this. If you have a day off and you have to do something, it isn't a day off. So, generally, Saturdays are my days off.

She was a teacher, so she had the wonderful experience of having nearly 180 Saturdays between when school was out in June and when it started up again in September. She was very good at pointing out to me that she has had 15 Saturdays this month. She has only Saturdays now.

Well, my last Saturday for this string of Saturdays ends tomorrow. I started my Saturdays on Thursday, the 22nd. During this time my wife and I went to the beach where we had saved aside three condos for our family to use for the week. We were blessed to have three of four of our daughters and their families stay with us. We really had nothing we had to do except eat together and play games, so they were Saturdays for sure. Sadly one of our daughters moved the day we started this string of Saturdays and wasn't able to join us.

During this time, I have had many hours to read and research this on-line marketing adventure that I had started to look into. Now I have a blog (here), and one article I wrote on squidoo.com  as well as a business license and a domain name.

A lot can get done if you have a lot of Saturdays. So, I'm guessing Becky is getting a lot done.

Her Saturdays began in earnest December 24, 2008.

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This should prove interesting. I think that those who know me think it will be interesting in any case.

This blog doesn't have anything at all to do with fishes. But, I thought that it was a better starting point than to say, "In my mind" or "In the Mind of Art", or "Let's See What Art is Thinking Today!" and I think that blogging has more to do with someone expressing themselves rather than expressing something that is interesting to others.

So, if you got here thinking that I am going to be talking about fish and you have your heart set on that, you may want to block this blog so that you won't mistakenly come here in the future. But, before you do - keep in mind that since I don't really have a target audience in mind and I don't have a subject matter I want to blog about, I may, in some future time, blog on fish and I may even blog on what I think is in the mind of a fish.

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