My first car was a little yellow Mazda rotary engine with a black hood. The hood was black because it had been dented and the guy who fixed my car back then would just use whatever he had available to make the car operable. He had a hood that was not yellow, so he painted it black and put it on my car. It looked fine and made it easy to find it in a parking lot when I wasn't able to park next to a light pole.

Every time I got in the car, I put the key in and turned it. You may be able to imagine what happened next. Yes - the engine started and I drove places in it. I drove it a lot and all over the North West and it kept on doing exactly as I expected it to do. I never once thought that I would take another car along with me on long trips just so in case this one wouldn't start after we got a long way from home. I had complete faith in that machine.

One day, it betrayed me and didn't start. I looked it over, tried to figure out what the problem was and then, finally, towed it to the guy to repair it. I had no faith in that car to be able to take me there. In fact, since it was broken and I knew it, I didn't even attempt to start it. I just hooked a rope to it and pulled it behind my friend's car to get repaired.

The funny thing that I noticed when I got it back was that I sat in the seat and gingerly put the key in the switch and cautiously turned it to only find that it started right up with no hesitation. All of a sudden, the faith I had lost in this machine was completely renewed. I didn't have my friend follow me home to be sure it made it and I didn't just leave it there with the repair guy because I didn't trust it. I simply started the engine and put it in gear and went home. I enjoyed many, many more miles in that car before it was destroyed beyond recognition and was completely unable to run any more.

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Well, now, I had been out of work for a year and I could have blogged about that. But, I just couldn't get the gumption to write about the thing that was most on my mind, but that I wanted to have been the least on my mind. I was out of work one day short of one year. God took care of us all that time through his family that he has blessed us to be a part of. We are blessed to be a part of his family. And, we are blessed to fellowship with the part of his family that we are with here.

I expect that this first part (maybe all the rest as well) is going to be more rambling than before. That is assuming that I didn't ramble as much prior. I may have, but it didn't seem that way to me at the time. 

I am currently employed with Knowledge Universe which is the company that bought out Kinder Care. Knowledge Universe now does day care because of that purchase, but day care hasn't been the primary focus of product. The primary focus is to build education centers all over the world. I manager their computers in the data center and else where.

That was kind of dry, but it seemed a natural thing to put in here since I mentioned that I was out of work for a year, but am currently employed.

I have been thinking about blogging about a couple of things that I have been thinking about. Hopefully, they won't be such a large endeavor that I would forget what the others are. I could just write the list here, but that seems like it would ruin all the fun for those of you who are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for some more tidbits to tumble on to the screen from my keyboard.

So, the first thing is to type about faith. I picked that because it is something that I have some thoughts about, but am not extremely interested in as a topic of discussion (or whatever I am doing here). I am not that interested because it is a pretty slippery thing to get a grasp on when one is trying to understand/explain it. But it seems to do just fine without all of the definitions and categories that surround subject matter considered to be Christian.

I am going to want to do this over time so that the entries that I make are not too cumbersome, so I think I will stop here for today.

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