Arthur Dunlap


I plan to use my 20+ years experience to strengthen the overall infrastructure and supporting processes for the company I am employed with.


Sr. UNIX Administrator

August 2004 - present

Hollywood Entertainment Corp | Wilsonville, OR

Entertainment Venues and Theaters

Worked with several infrastructure teams to improve and maintain the processes that support the business.

* Maintained AIX versions 4, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 via upgrades, patches, add-on software products and Perl scripts.
* Supported IBM Dynix installation, creating more reliable disk space usage, and backup options via Perl scripts that monitored for problems, alerted technicians and executed solutions.
* Supported installation of NetBackup 5.2 to retain data integrity across Windows, AIX, LINUX and Dynix platforms.
* Upgraded NetBackup 5.2 to 6.5.4.
* Worked with IT team to plan and execute the migration off of the Dynix machines to the newer AIX machines.
* Worked with IT team to plan and execute the migration off of Shark F20/800 SAN to Hitachi 9585 and ultimately to our existing Hitachi USPV.
* Managed LUN assignments from Shark/Hitachi SAN through the fiber switches to the AIX hosts.
* Instituted, wrote and managed clear, concise, procedures. The goal was to produce and keep continuity to minimize administration overhead.


Unix Administrator 2

April 1996 - December 2003

Electric Lightwave, Inc. | Vancouver, WA

* Installed remote HP-UX hosts. Installed and configured VMS and billing software.
* Automated manual data collections via Perl scripts and Autosys. Installed, configured, monitored and maintained Autosys.
* Set up Autosys jobs for customers to process data for the Arbor billing system. * Installed, upgraded, configured and maintained VPO (ITO) on HP, Linux and Solaris equipment.
* Diagnose various Unix problems and performed repairs.
* Installed, upgraded and supported Enterprise/EDISwitch System by GE, automating the collection and distribution processes via Perl scripts and Autosys.
* Installed patches for HP-UX and Solaris as required to fix problems.
* HP-UX 10.2 and 11.x Solaris 2.5, 2.6 and 7. Set up automated notification of host problems for off hours via paging and email current on-call technicians.
* Maintained and used NetBackup to backup information from 110+ hosts. Approximately 40 were enterprise systems while the rest were smaller servers and work stations.

Perl scripting, HPUX, Solaris, Linux AIX management, HTML Markup, Apache, Tomcat Web management, SAN management (Hitachi 9585, USPV and IBM Shark F20, 800),



0 0 - 1 1999

HP Openview IT/Operations for System Administrators I | San Jose, CA


0 0 - 1 1999

HP Openview IT Operations Fundamentals |


0 0 - 10 1998

HP-UX Sys/NW Admin for Exp Unix Sys Admins | San Jose, CA

HP-UX System Admin for Experienced Unix System Admins.


HP-UX Troubleshooting

4 2000

HPUX Upgrade to 11.i

3 2003

Administration for nPartitions

3 2002

HP OpenView IT/Operations II

6 2000

System and Network Administration II

9 1999

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