Another thing we do is that we flip light switches on and off to produce light or darkness at our will. And we do this without the slightest understanding or concern of how that switch makes the light come on. Some have an idea that it is electricity and that without paying the electric bill, the switch no longer works. Some know the theories behind how it all works. Others even know the infrastructure that must be in place in order to make that switch work correctly.

But even if we only consider the electricity itself, no one really knows what it is and how it works. We have lots of theories and even though some of those theories contradict each other, they all prove true in the work of electricity. This is not logical, yet we all still use it and talk about it as if we know what it is and what it does.

Even though we don't feel intimidated by people who know we use electricity we still use it without being able to explain it accurately. But, we feel we have to have grand explanations that show we don't do things without knowing what we are doing when it comes to the things of the Bible.

We read that Moses was placed in a little boat on the water of the Nile. This definitely needs an explanation especially when we consider that his parents were exemplified as being full of faith because they hid Moses from the king as long as they did. The act of putting them on the water must have been a continuation of that faith. Well that kind of logical deduction is for the purpose of not appearing ignorant to the question of, "If they had such great faith, why did they put him in the river?" My question is, "Why can't we just believe that they defied the king as long as they could, then put him in the river?" We are lead to believe by what is written that they didn't have any idea what would happen because his sister stayed at a distance to watch and see what would happen.

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