I think that, by this point, if anyone is reading this, they may be asking, "Does this guy think we should not learn things?"

That isn't at all the point. As we all know, you can't talk about everything all at once. So, when we are talking or writing about one thing, other things are left in the drawer to be brought out later.

This series isn't really about learning. It's about wonder. Not the verb. The noun.

Someone may be able to explain the physiological process for oxygen to enter into the blood stream through the lungs. But, for me, it is a wonder. Not only is it a wonder, but I also believe it happens. Not only do I believe it happens, but I am not embarrassed that I don't know how it happens. I don't even feel like I would breath easier if I knew. I don't feel like my intelligence or credibility is in question if I don't know how it happens.

Now, if I claimed that I could create some process or supplement that that can improve the process and didn't know how it actually worked, then I would be questioned. The thing is that since it was God who made it work and put the process into place and the general process doesn't need improvement, it is sufficient for me to know that he knows. I also don't improve my ability to breath by knowing any more about it than I do.

If I had a disease that kept my blood from from getting oxygen, I would certainly want to have a medical person who is knowledgeable in the process diagnosing and treating me. But, if there were no one who knew how to fix it, I wouldn't really be able to hold anyone to task about it. It would simply be beyond our knowledge and skill. It would simply be a wonder.

LaFonda's explanation of what I am really talking about is that our understanding of things moves our faith from trusting God to trusting the understanding. We trust in our understanding instead of God. Then, when something happens that is beyond our understanding, our faith is challenged and often shattered. Not only does our faith in our understanding fail us, but we have lost the practice of faith in God. We can't lean on him because we no longer know how and we can't lean on our understanding because it has failed us.

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